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Core Services

It is important to know what Core services the Dotnetnuke framework offers. This will improve your development and use of the framework to its full extent.

Membership and Profile Components
The framework offers integrated membership and profile services. This includes that users can register on your site with different profiles, like different languages, time zones or other properties. These profiles can be easily extented and customized

Every module and content in the framework can be localized. This means that every user can have the text shown in their own language. To enable your modules for this, you need to use resource files included in your module

Navigation WebControls
You can use in your module default and standard navigation webcontrols. In this way you can offer the user to navigate from or to your module in the framework way.

Some modules do not need user input, but only needs to be scheduled  to process data. This feature is also offered by the framework.

Search Engine
The framework offers standard a search engine. You can enable your module to present your data into the search engine. This includes respect to the roles and rights the user has to show data for your module.

Every page and module look and feel will be overruled by the skin choosen for the site. You need to respect this in the creation of the screens for your module.

User roles
User roles and security roles are embedded in the framework. You can use this by presenting data only for specific roles

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