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Module settings - background

Most of the time you need to set settings for your module. This can be done in several places.

These are settings that are set for all instances of a module

These are settings for a single instance of a module

Settings hashtable
all settings are stored in a hashtable. This is the equal for ModuleSettings and TabModuleSettings

Module settings - read and write

Read settings in your asp page
Settings can be read and used by the following commands:

  • GetModuleSettings(ModuleId)
  • GetTabModuleSettings(TabModuleID)

Settings screen (module)
Loading and saving the settings in your module settings screen. The ModuleSettingsBase implements LoadSettings and SaveSettings.  The namespace of the ModuleSettingsBase is DNN.Entities.Modules.ModuleController.

Get settings:

  • GetModuleSettings(ModuleId)
  • GetTabModuleSettings(TabModuleID)

Save settings:

  • UpdateModuleSettings(ModuleId)
  • UpdateTabModuleSettings(TabModuleID)
Module settings - tips and tricks

An other way to store and retrieve your settings is to use your own table with data.

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