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DNN KickStart Case

This case describes how to generate a module with DNN KickStart
The case is based upon creation of a module by creating fields in DNN KickStart.

The code generated on this case is available as download on this site.

Open DNN KickStart and choose from the menu bar button 'Create Module'.

This creates a new default module.

We change the following field:

Module name: Activities

This will be the the name of the module used.

Select the Module scope Portal to make the data available for everyone in the portal.

Roles and authorizations will be respected displaying the data

After this we select the tab Fields


We change the following field:

MyID Field name will be changed into ActivityID
MyID Field abel will be changed into Activity ID

We add the following fields:

ActivityDate, PersonsUpperLimit, PersonsLowerLimit, NumberOfPersons, Comment

And set the defaults for the fields.

Click in the menu Modules, Save Module to save the data

This will give you the save dialog where you can save the file containing the module definition.

Save the file

You will see in the overview direct showing the new generated module definition.

Click in the menu Modules, Export zip package.

You will get a message as the code is completed and packaged into a zip file.

Select Package to open the location of the generated zip file.

As you can see the old data is archived in the zip files with a timestamp.

The zip file is the file that can be uploaded to the site.

Now your module is ready!
Your zip file inclusive code will be on the drive ready for upload in the site.

Always make a backup of your site and database before uploading
Always test the module on a test instance of DotNetNuke before deploying it to production servers!

Upload your module by following these steps:

Login to the site as host

Goto menu Host, Module definitions

Select from the menu Install New Module

And click Browse to go to the path where the module file is

You have now selected the module to be installed

Click now Install New Module to start the installation


and verify on the end if everything went successfull.

And now you have your new module available!

Go to a page and add your module


Your module will be visible and filled with "null' data, that is not actually stored, but indicates that records can be added and edited


Edit your record and save some meaningfull content





Your record has been updated and stored.

Thats all there is!

Of course the code of the module is available to you, so you can change the way data is presented in the View and Edit screens.
You can also set localisation in the resource files, but default English is used for the generation.

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