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Getting started

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How to get started with DNN KickStart

This document describes how to start with DNN KickStart.

First you have to start the program. This can be found with the shortcut in your programs start up folder. Goto your Start button, and select Programs, DNN KickStart Studio and click on DNN KickStart Studio.


This will start DNN KickStart.

Create your first module by clicking on Module, New in the menu bar.


You will see the first screen that displays the data for your module.


Goto Tab Fields to enter the data you want to store for your module.


You will see the default Identifier field, that is used to store the unique id's for each of the module records.

Add now your own field called mytext and set the length to 8 or add some other fields.

Save your module by clicking on the menu File, Save.


You will get the default filename for your module _.xml.

Save the file.

Now you are ready to export your module into a package.

Select from the menu Tools, Export package.

You will recieve a message that your module package is created.


 You can browse the folder where the zip package is created by clicking the Package button.

This opens the Explorer where the files are generated in.

The Package folder contains the uploadable zip package.

Opening the package folder will show one or more zip files.

Everytime when you generate new code, a timestamped zip file will be created to archive the code generated at that moment.

The zip file with no timestamp in the name can be uploaded to your site.

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