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Help text for a field

Help text
You can change the help text shown for a field in the column Help text.

Validation text for a field

Validation text
You can add validation for a field by setting the validation text.

We have added some defaults, but you can also add any regular expression to validate your field.

Examples are:

  • Five Integer US ZIP Code:
  • Any One US ASCII Letter:
    ^[a-zA-Z] $   
  • Dutch Phone Number:
    ^\ [0-9]{2}|^\ [0-9]{2}\(0\)|^\(\ [0-9]{2}\)\(0\)|^00[0-9]{2}|^0)([0-9]{9}$|[0-9\-\s]{10}$
  • Dutch ZIP code:

Validation message for a field

Validation text
If a field does not comply to the Validation text, a validation message will be shown to the user.

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