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What is DNN KickStart

Create your own DotNetNuke modules

Users of DotNetNuke can create their own modules and applications with DNN KickStart.
It is not needed to have knowledge about programming in DotNetNuke to create your module!

You can try out the software for free in a trial version that can be found here. It is limited to work only with 6 fields.


No programming experience needed
You do not need any knowledge about programming, databases or other inside information.
Just define the data fields you want to store in your application in DotNetNuke and DNN KickStart will create the module for you.

Instant ready
This module is ready to use instantly. You can deploy a module on the normal way you upload any DotNetNuke module.
After uploading you can use your module on the page wherever and whenever you want.

Time saver
Did you also have so much problems writing your modules in DNN? All the effort to modify your code in lots of places, only when you needed to add some extra field. These are clearly the disadvantages of using frameworks. But now you have the solution! Just add your field to the table, regenerate your module and all code is created to use a fully functional DNN module.

You do NOT need a database, development tool or other tooling to create your DNN module.
You just can define your fields on the fly and create your DNN module.You are able to import your SQL table into a module definition, save and load your module configuration.

Module entities
View, Edit and Settings screens are created, inclusive data validation based upon the field types. For example if you have set a maximum length in your field, the module will not allow data entry beyond the lenght of the field. Number fields are validated for number validation, date fields are checked against valid dates, etc.

Database import
Create DNN 4 Modules by creating modules from your table in SQL Server.
You can use your own edit screen field labels, import any table even with spaces in the tablename.

DNN KickStart is a DotNet utility for creating instant DotNetNuke 4 or 5 modules.

Now you can create your own module by just defining the fields!
You do not need a initial database to create your module.

Now you are complete free to create your own DNN modules, you do NOT need:

  • VS2005
  • MSSQL, Express or any other database
  • Visual Web developer Express

The complete module can be uploaded to your portal instantly!

Code targets
VB.NET - full code can be generated in VB.NET
C# - full code can be generated in C#

DNN KickStart creates all the SQL code, like table definitions, stored procedures and removal procedures for your module.

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  • Select tables from your database to create a DNN 4 module.
  • All code is generated, inclusive SQL etc to upload your module.
  • Source code generated is complete, and can be modified if needed
  • Define fields in a field entry form to create your module from.
  • This program is a VB.NET 2005 program.
  • Source code is available.
  • The program only needs DOT NET 2
  • It is delivered with installer.
  • Modules generated are tested for DNN 4 only.
  • Works now for MS SQL Database (all versions).
  • Create edit screens with data validation.
  • Includes DateTime, Char, Integer Fields.
  • Works now also without a database.
  • Label your own fields.
  • .. and lot of features more...

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